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Which process is using my port ? (OS X)

Oh on linux you just run netstat -p but that won’t work on OS X. There is another path to take: lsof -i | grep LISTEN  

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Xcode analyzer error: Analyzer skipped this file due to parse errors

Apple integrated the Clang Static Analyzer into Xcode a while back. It’s a part of the LLVM project and it uses the clang C/C++/Objective-C compiler front-end to the LLVM compiler to perform static analysis.

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Adding a server to SeaHawk

Hi, Since we had some feedback of a user that experienced difficulties adding a custom feed, we’ve created a little movie showing the addition of a feed in Florida

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Tab: Mylene Farmer – Laisse Le Vent Emporter Tout

Here’s a cool tab project for the holidays: Mylene Farmer – Laisse Le Vent Emporter Tout Verse 1: [Acoustic guitar; fingerpicking below] C G Mais tout ce qui s’est passe Am Glisse a cote F C Comme l’eau sur les

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Visschotel met tapenade

Ingrediënten 1 eetlepel olijfolie 500 g schelvisfilet 1/2 pot tapenade van zongedroogde tomaten (pot a 140 g) 150 g kaas gemalen 48+ 1 kg broccoli Bereiding Oven voorverwarmen op 180 °C.  Ovenschaal bestrijken met olijfolie en bedekken met visfilets. Vis

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Ignoring the build dir in Xcode

I decided to move some of my code to Project Locker, but found that the build dir is always listed by SVN like: oehoeboeroe:artemis aqua$ svn status M      . ?       build M      

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