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SeaHawk iOS 4.3 issue died out

Good news, the SeaHawk iPad issue with iOS 4.3 has not only been resolved (version 3.0.1 has been available for a couple of weeks now) but we are also no longer seeing users that are using the old version.

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5k for WordPress x2

So the fellows at wordpress had a nice idea about running 5k worldwide, and at the same time I had a chance to try out the new TomTom Nike watch. Check out my run:

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Major issue on SeaHawk iPad and iOS 4.3

We have recently discovered  a major issue on iOS 4.3 with SeaHawk. For some reason the Google map grows beyond it’s boundaries and hides the toolbar. 

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Submitting Apps to Apple with a space in the name

Now Apple introduced a neat feature to archive your Apps before submitting. Neatly because it stores the symbol table, so it an App crashes you can download the logs from the Apple website and get a pointer right to the

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