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NSSemaphore … missing?

I was experimenting with a new multi layered algorithm to draw many layers of a screen at once. Obviously you would need some for of synchronization mechanism, and thus i found myself looking for a traditional Edgar Dijkstra Semaphore.

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Started porting MacTrek to Snow Leopard

As you may have expected by the list of posts today, i’ve started porting MacTrek to Snow Leopard. With the release of MacTrek 1.5 (November 2009) almost 10,000 people downloaded the game. This release was intended to maintain backwards compatibility

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Building netrek vanilla 2.16 for MacTrek

Ever since OS X 10.5 came out, the embedded netrek server in MacTrek simply quit. I never got a good fix for that, which is why MacTrek 1.5 no longer supports a local server. At least that way a player

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