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Wireless LIVE featuring Floris

We had a couple of great gigs lately. The musical “Eva” was a great success and it was fun to do to. The mix of ballads, classics and hard rock was amazing, the full choir added so much to the

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When all phones become smartphones

Smartphones are an amazing phenomena which seem to grow at mind boggling rate. Have a look at the latest graphs from asymco to see what I mean.

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Add Trendline to stacked column graph

Adding a trendline to a stacked column graph is not that easy. But there is a way to do it. If you do not already have one, make a column that sums your stacked data. You can add this series

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Found a great new site: Wordle. I’ll be making quite of few of them! Check out what you can make when you google your name, or the tag words of this blog:

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Ravishing Raw Chocolate Ice Cream (via Ravishing Raw)

Sometimes it pays off to try other peoples recipes to avoid your own mistakes. I’ll try this one tonight, it looks great Als er iets is wat je drang naar zoet op een warme zomerdag kan temperen is het wel

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Types of Strategic Risks

Types of Strategic Risks There are seven major classes of strategic risks: industry, technology, brand, competitor, customer, project, and stagnation. Within each class are different types of risks. Particularly dangerous risks and countermeasures for each will be discussed for each

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