What is Sea Map?


Sea Map is a map viewer that supports both online Maps and offline Open Sea Maps for planning and light navigation purposes.
Sea Map comes with a preinstalled set of community created open source navigational maps which can be used, even when you have no data network available.
This means that you can navigate, without the roaming charges that come with the use of online maps.
But Sea Map does not just support any map, it supports sea maps! Since means you have additional features such as lights and buoy markers that are not visible on the normal map.

Entering a port

What can and can’t you do with Sea Map?

Every mariner knows you should use certified charts for navigation, and since the nature of community charts is by definition not official, you should not rely on Sea Map to be your primairy and only source of chart material.
That beeing said, Sea Map is a great utility and the power of open source community maps may very well lead to better and faster updated charts for particular areas.
You can use Sea Map to check features and to quickly find your way, and it will prove to become your chart table in your pocket.


Why is there no map for my region?

Both online and offline maps



Sea Map is a viewer for community sea charts. If there is no map for your region, you can help in creating it by joining openseamap.
How can I get a better/newer map?

You can join the mailing list and request maps from there. We follow the releases of openseamap closely and will provide updates (free of charge) with the latest maps.
What Maps are in SeaMap?

Europe/Black Sea
Europe/France/Loire Delta
Europe/Great Britain/English Channel
Europe/Mediterranean Sea/East
Europe/Mediterranean Sea/West
Europe/North Sea
Europe/Norway South Coast
Europe/Skagerak Kattegat
Baltic Harbors/Burg Fehmarn
Baltic Harbors/Darlowko
Baltic Harbors/Faborg
Baltic Harbors/Gedser Lystbadhaven
Baltic Harbors/Heiligenhafen
Baltic Harbors/Marina Kroslin
Baltic Harbors/Marstal
Baltic Harbors/Nykoebing Falster
Baltic Harbors/Rhoenne
Baltic Harbors/Rostock
Baltic Harbors/Rostock Hohe Duene
Baltic Harbors/Stralsund
Baltic Harbors/Wolgast
Baltic Sea/Ahus
Baltic Sea/Apenrade Fjord
Baltic Sea/Baring Vig
Baltic Sea/Bodden Zingst
Baltic Sea/Bornholm
Baltic Sea/Danish South Sea
Baltic Sea/Darlowko Rowi
Baltic Sea/Falsterbo Channels
Baltic Sea/Fehmarn Sund
Baltic Sea/Finnish Sea
Baltic Sea/Flensburg Fjord
Baltic Sea/Gedser Dierhagen
Baltic Sea/Gedser Ruegen
Baltic Sea/Greifswalder Bodden
Baltic Sea/Grosser Belt
Baltic Sea/Grosser Belt South
Baltic Sea/Guldborgsund
Baltic Sea/Helsinki
Baltic Sea/Karlskrona
Baltic Sea/Kieler Bucht
Baltic Sea/Koege Malmoe
Baltic Sea/Kolberg Darlowko
Baltic Sea/Lillebaelt
Baltic Sea/Luebecker Bucht
Baltic Sea/Moen
Baltic Sea/Moen Bornholm
Baltic Sea/North Eastern Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea/Northern Ostsea
Baltic Sea/Peene Strom Achterwasser
Baltic Sea/Rowi Puck
Baltic Sea/Rowi Wladystawono
Baltic Sea/Ruegen
Baltic Sea/Simrishamm
Baltic Sea/Smalandsfarwandet
Baltic Sea/Southern Ostsea
Baltic Sea/Stettiner Haft Oder
Baltic Sea/Sund
Baltic Sea/Trelleborg
Baltic Sea/Wismar Rostock
Baltic Sea/Wollin
Baltic Sea/Wollin Kolberg
Baltic Sea/Ysted

8 comments on “SeaMap
  1. Robin Fowler says:

    I have downloaded SeaMap EU but i am unable to zoom in on any port on the North Sea or English Channel to see the navigational buoyage as depicted in your view of Rostock.

    Without the navigational marks the map is of little use. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. lukassen says:

    Another user emailed me a geo-referenced map of Den Helder. I’ll add support for community overlays to allow even more maps with more detail.
    This way we will have another source of detailed maps, checkout for an example

  3. Robin Fowler says:

    I have your update and looked at the openseamaps web site but neither make any difference to my earlier comment i.e. no markers, no depth etc and therefore useless for any form of navigation be it planning or otherwise

  4. lukassen says:

    Great news,

    The SeaMap version for the US is out. With over 1500 official NOAA maps.

    Go check it out in the app store!

  5. George Ferguson says:

    I bought the SeaMap app for my ipod touch -but cannot find the NOAA charts for Atlantic Coast-US. What did I do wrong ? Can I erase maps that I will not need ? Thank you.

    • lukassen says:

      Hi George,

      You can but it will not help you very much since SeaMap supports the OpenSeaMap database which has little maps in the US. However I also have an application called “SeaMap US” which does support all NOAA maps. If you drop me an email with your device id on info.lukysoft -at- gmail -dot- com I can lookup your purchase and issue a code for the US version.

      Best regards


  6. […] servers with the latest maps. All you need to do is download it. SeaMap US HD Reviews: Support: lukassen Web SiteSeaMap US HD Support App Name: SeaMap US HD Price: 1.99 Version: 1.3.0 Size: 4.0 MB Language: […]

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