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WordPress for iPad

Did the announcement from wordpress for iPad sound great to you to, but you didn’t have an iPad at hand to look at it?

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Chinese sense of humor

Who says Chinese have no sense of humor? This one got sent to me 3 times in a row, two of them from the motherland. It can learn you basic chinese in as little as five minutes.

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Is mobile ad business really business?

According to Gartner, about 81% of apps downloaded today are free. The way free apps are able to generate revenue is through advertising. 16 percent of application store markets’ $5.2 billion revenue was generated from advertising.

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Becoming an Cocoa guru

Here’s an interesting site that offers courses in Cocoa for iOS development. They are quite comprehensive and offer great examples to go with.

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Earthquake affects shipping safety

GPS monitoring stations in Japan will have to undergo comprehensive recalibration following the devastating earthquake after measurements showed that the nation’s coastline shifted by as much as 4 metres in the quake. The country’s Geonet network of approximately 1,200 GPS

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Eva from Apeldoorn

I the light of the upcoming musical I could not resist 🙂

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iOS is catholic, Android is protestant?

Freely after the article: “The Holy War: Mac vs. DOS” By Umberto Eco, September 30, 1994: Friends, blog visitors, countrymen, I ask that a Committee for Public Health be set up, whose task would be to censor (by violent means,

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Musical site goes live

I had a great time rehearsing for our local musical. Written and produced by amateurs but with over a 100 enthusiastic participants, everyone doing their little part, me playing the strings 🙂 Check out the great site:

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Here’s a nice dish for the saturday morning. Wentelteefjes is a Dutch court. In Flanders, also known as lost bread (similar to the French pain perdu).

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