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Vulcan child logic

This night I was putting my son (3) to bed and asked him if he was given his vitamins by his mother, he assured me that this was not the case. Knowing his appetite for the tablets I told him

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Wireless LIVE featuring Floris

We had a couple of great gigs lately. The musical “Eva” was a great success and it was fun to do to. The mix of ballads, classics and hard rock was amazing, the full choir added so much to the

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Noa reading a bedtime story to Floris

Below is a nice movie of my 4 year old daughter reading a bedtime story to her brother.

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Floris the movie

One day old

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Memories of Floris’s birth

As part of my rebuilding of the ancient digital archives, here are excerpts of the web pages created around 2007/2008 when our first son was born.

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