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Autobuild numbers in Xcode4

In Xcode 4 look in the Navigator pane, which is the pane on the left side of the Xcode screen. It has 7 icons across the top. Select the left-most icon (looks like a file folder) to get the Project

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Outlook .pst to .mbox conversion

You will probably have followed a zillion links before you got to this page and the only reason I am blogging about it is because most of these links will provide you with useless information or point you to software

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When all phones become smartphones

Smartphones are an amazing phenomena which seem to grow at mind boggling rate. Have a look at the latest graphs from asymco to see what I mean.

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Major issue on SeaHawk iPad and iOS 4.3

We have recently discovered  a major issue on iOS 4.3 with SeaHawk. For some reason the Google map grows beyond it’s boundaries and hides the toolbar. 

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Submitting Apps to Apple with a space in the name

Now Apple introduced a neat feature to archive your Apps before submitting. Neatly because it stores the symbol table, so it an App crashes you can download the logs from the Apple website and get a pointer right to the

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Is mobile ad business really business?

According to Gartner, about 81% of apps downloaded today are free. The way free apps are able to generate revenue is through advertising. 16 percent of application store markets’ $5.2 billion revenue was generated from advertising.

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iOS is catholic, Android is protestant?

Freely after the article: “The Holy War: Mac vs. DOS” By Umberto Eco, September 30, 1994: Friends, blog visitors, countrymen, I ask that a Committee for Public Health be set up, whose task would be to censor (by violent means,

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