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Time Capsule Died

My beloved time capsule died, after about two years of service and tiresome file transfer, hundreds of printed pages and zillions of bytes transmitted over the wireless access point. It saved my *** eh files on many occasion and now

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I Apologize by Wireless

We had great fun last weekend playing live. One of the best received songs was “I Apologize” written by Krezip in an arrangement of our own.

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The Product Manager

Aspects of product management,
The aspects of product management focus around (but are not limited to) several topics

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Aspects of product management

The aspects of product management focus around  (but are not limited to):

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Noa reading a bedtime story to Floris

Below is a nice movie of my 4 year old daughter reading a bedtime story to her brother.

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Five ideas on Marketing

Marketing during a recession I read a number of articles lately on marketing in recession times. From the collective wisdom some actually make good sense. Here are five ideas that can guide you on how to handle your marketing in

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The Next Generation of Real-Time System Architectures (part 5/5)

Other considerations Asynchronous or synchronous? An application interfaces in some way with its connector. The question is: should it pick the latest available value? or should it wait for a value to arrive. The connector should provide both interfaces since

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