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Bash: processing filenames with white spaces

It is often necessary to read a file with bash, and act upon the entire line. There are many different ways to do this, but I’ll outline one of the simpler methods, both suitable for stacking on a single command

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Poached Paupiette of veal with duxelles and puy lentils

Poached Paupiette of veal with duxelles and puy lentils (for 2)

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Blood orange carpaccio, Gateau Chaud with Cointreau Chantilly Cream (for 2 persons)

For the carpaccio: 1 – 2 blood oranges 1 – 2 tsp brown sugar pinch of cinnamon Gateau chaud: 75g butter 75g dark chocolate 1 egg 30g fine sugar 35g flour

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Custom overlays coming to SeaMap

News flash: you can now add geo-referenced images to SeaMap, just send in your maps as mercator images and they will be added to the next release.

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