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HD Traffic, what’s in a word?

What’s in a name? I case you also have a hard time wrapping your head around what this marketing term of TomTom means, a picture paints a thousand words, this is what normal traffic detection system pickup:     Not

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Making Vector Characters in Less Than 10 Minutes (via The Premium Side of Tekuno Furiku)

Really nice guide to vector drawing Saya jarang berbagi ilmu mengenai cara gambar saya, bagi seorang desainer itu sama saja seperti membuat peti matinya sendiri. Tapi membagi ilmu dasar sepertinya tidak akan melukai siapapun. Beberapa hal yang harus diketahui sebelum

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Add your address to your TomTom in one click

I just discovered a neat way to add an address to my TomTom device. Using the wizard at the website. Neat! Related Articles TomTom GO 2405 And GO 2505 GPS Navigator Overview ( TomTom Go Live 1005 satnav ( TomTom

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Altied wel aine (IOS) tab

Altied wel aine – IOS Verse 1: G Dsus4 Am7sus4 D’r is altied wel aine die meer om die denkt G Dsus4 Am7sus4 Altied wel aine, veur dei doe de heile wereld bist G Dsus4 Am7sus4 D’r is gauw wel

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Chocolate Cake

  250 gr Valrhona (brand) chocolate pure

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Ajax Upload for multiple files

Here is a neat little script that allows you to upload multiple files at once, without resorting to flash. and here: Related Articles Ajax Upload; A file upload script with progress-bar, drag-and-drop. (

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Bij Sinterklaas horen kruidnoten, en die maak je vrij gemakkelijk zelf! Je huis ruikt heerlijk als je ze maakt en het is een gezellige bezigheid die je met je kinderen kunt doen. Kruidnoten zijn wat knapperiger dan pepernoten.

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Which process is using my port ? (OS X)

Oh on linux you just run netstat -p but that won’t work on OS X. There is another path to take: lsof -i | grep LISTEN  

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Xcode analyzer error: Analyzer skipped this file due to parse errors

Apple integrated the Clang Static Analyzer into Xcode a while back. It’s a part of the LLVM project and it uses the clang C/C++/Objective-C compiler front-end to the LLVM compiler to perform static analysis.

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Adding a server to SeaHawk

Hi, Since we had some feedback of a user that experienced difficulties adding a custom feed, we’ve created a little movie showing the addition of a feed in Florida

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