Taming Snow Leopard: CGDisplaySwitchToMode deprecation

Last one.. (i hope) here’s a snippet that will flick the screen in a best match resolution using only 10.6 API.

- (void) setDisplay:(CGDirectDisplayID) dspy toMode: (struct screenMode) screenMode {
    CGDisplayModeRef mode;
    CGDisplayErr err;
    CGDisplayModeRef originalMode = CGDisplayCopyDisplayMode(kCGDirectMainDisplay);    
	if ( originalMode == NULL ) {
		LLLog(@"LLScreenResolution.setDisplay display with id %d is invalid", (int)dspy);
	// look for a matching displ
	LLLog(@"LLScreenResolution.setDisplay setting display 0x%x: looking for %ld x %ld, %ld Bits Per Pixel",
		  (unsigned int)dspy,
		  screenMode.bitsPerPixel );

	mode = [self bestMatchForMode:screenMode];

	if ((screenMode.width == CGDisplayModeGetWidth(mode)) && 
		(screenMode.height == CGDisplayModeGetHeight(mode)) &&
		(screenMode.bitsPerPixel == [self displayBitsPerPixelForMode:mode])) {
		LLLog(@"LLScreenResolution.setDisplay found an exact match, switching modes" );
	} else {
		LLLog(@"LLScreenResolution.setDisplay found a mode, switching modes" );
	err = CGDisplaySetDisplayMode(dspy, mode, NULL);
	if ( err != CGDisplayNoErr ) {
		LLLog(@"LLScreenResolution.setDisplay Oops!  Mode switch failed?!?? (%d)", err );
		// try to reset
		err = CGDisplaySetDisplayMode(dspy, originalMode, NULL);
		if ( err != CGDisplayNoErr )
			LLLog(@"LLScreenResolution.setDisplay Oops!  Mode restore failed?!?? (%d)", err );
	// check result
	struct screenMode currentMode = [self screenModeOnPrimairyDisplay];
	LLLog(@"LLScreenResolution.setDisplay display has been set to %ld x %ld, %ld Bits Per Pixel",

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