I’ve been playing music since 1990 and started recording as soon as other people could bear to listen to it. Over the years many recordings were made and some made it onto albums. For historical reasons, and to help my fading memory a complete discography is given below.

JK Groningen Noord

This album was released arround 1990. (Exact date unknown) It was in the good
old days of the cassette players. I was tenor in the Groningen North Youth Choir
and remastered a cassette with a number of our performances.

The Amaryllis Project

In the early days when i was learning to play the guitar more and more, i
recorded a cassette with the Amaryllis Project. All songs were handplayed
acoustic guitar tracks, recorded in a single flow. No digital mixing or
corrections. The mixing was done on a modified Sony tapedeck that i soldered
into a primitive 4 track recorder.


  • The Rose
  • Stairway to heaven
  • Streets of London
  • Morning has broken
  • Let it be
  • Hotel California
  • Michelle
  • Hey Jude
  • While my guitar gently weeps
  • Dust in the wind
  • Imagine
  • Yesterday
  • Moonlike Shadow
  • As tears go by
  • Spanish Serenade (Arr. CL)
  • Lady Jane
  • Tears in the rain
  • Gymnopedies No. 1
  • Bouree
  • Moldau
  • Porthmouth
  • Irish Blessings
Irish Blessings

Irish Blessings is a collection of songs that i recorded after a holiday in Ireland.
There is something mystical in the air of those pubs, which are filled with good music,
and excellent playing.
Some of these tracks were re-recorded for Contrasts.


  • Irish Blessings
  • Whiskey in the yar
  • Let them tarry
  • Spencil Hill
  • The women from Wexford
  • The rising of the moon
  • The zoological gardens
  • The Galway races
  • The Wild Rover
  • The minstrel boy
  • I’ll tell my ma
  • The waxies dargle
  • Iron hand
  • Dicey Riley
  • Star of the county Down
  • The Irish Rover
Adventliche Bessinung

Beeing still active as a singer in the local choir we recorded a CD with christmas tunes,
i performed the digital remastering and enhancements. (and i sing on it of course)
The Emmaus Choir (Borken), 11 December 1999


  • In dunkler Nacht
  • Menschen auf dem Weg
  • Das Volk das im Finstern wandelt
  • Ein Licht erchien
  • Ostende Nobis
  • Gottes Wort ist wie Licht in der Nacht
  • Ein Mensch geboren
  • In der Nacht
  • Mache dich auf
  • Lass diese Nacht nicht enden
Lost in Static 19

Static 19 is the name of a project to bring the music of the Amarok Mailinglist members to the general public. It’s predecessor was called “Lost in Static 18”. This was a long and ambitious project, which lead to the creation of “Mike Oldfield Tribute CD”. However, the list members continued making beautiful music, which is now collected in a audio disc. As you can see in the tracklist, Mike Oldfield wrote almost all tracks, but they are played by list members, often in new, challenging arrangements. Some tracks are even taken a step further and are written by the members but have that unique Oldfield sound that makes us all a fan.


  • QE2x4
  • Jungle Gardenia
  • Caveman
  • Tubular Overload
  • Celt Reggae
  • Orabidoo
  • Incantations 5
  • Orchestral Mount Teide
  • On horseback
  • Orchestral Ommadawn
  • The Voyager
  • Festiva
  • Long Road Home
  • Ali’s Wedding
  • Pirate For a Day
  • Erin
  • In the Pool
  • Dreaming of Serpents
  • Dark Star
  • Foreign Affair
  • The Amarokian Bell
  • Platinum
  • Ommadawn Part 1

Contrasts is a collection of tracks recorded over a 2 year period which express the various styles of music that i liked at that time.


  • Muppet Show
  • In the Pool
  • The Bell
  • Single
  • Orabidoo Part I (Lulleby)
  • Orabidoo Part II (Airborne)
  • Orabidoo Part III (Thunder Storms)
  • Orabidoo Part IV (Out of the Clouds)
  • The Voyager
  • Star of the County Down
  • The Zoological Gardens
  • La Decouvert d’Ignorance
  • Black Star Rising
  • Kemp’s Jig
  • Bach’s Bouree
  • The Tale of Sir Robin
  • Air in G
  • Mr Downlands Midnight
  • Tocatta in Dm
  • Gold and Brown
  • Moondance
  • Watermark
  • Maya Gold
  • Bookends for Borken
The Traveller

The Traveller is a musical representation of a 2 month hike through Africa, and tries to describe in a musical way the various aspects and adventures encountered.


  • Sailing on Lake Volta
  • The Market
  • Sandals
  • Rainy Night
  • Sunday Morning (Baba Yetu)
  • The Elephants
  • Red Roads (Exposed)
  • Dark Woods
  • The Tro-Tro Ride
The Book of Loom

The Book of Loom is a study project of mine which is based on a very old computer game, which on it’s turn relies heavely on Tschakoviski’s Swan Lake. This story is interwoven with a book which i have read about the same time as i played the game. The idea is to create a musical story based on the gameplay.


  • The Book of Loom
  • Loom Island
  • Ethantriel
  • The Wizard of Crystalgard
  • Flight
  • Dragon Attack
  • The Tree Temples
  • Knights of Thalann
  • The Road Home
Disturbance in Tranquility

A great number of tracks are on my wish list, and some have some actual recording or arranging beeing done on them already.
For now this album is just a collection of half finished tracks.


  • Try not to breathe
  • Mad world
  • Judy
  • An Irishman in Chinatown
  • Love Street
  • Temple of the cat
  • Denia
  • The speed of light
  • Les reves des Amalie
  • All Star
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