Bread and butter

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Here’s a nice dish for the saturday morning.

Wentelteefjes is a Dutch court. In Flanders, also known as lost bread (similar to the French pain perdu).


The ingredients are:
3 eggs
2.5 dl milk
6 pinches of cinnamon
8 slices stale white bread
80 g butter


Wentelteefjes can be prepared as follows:
Beat the egg with the sugar, cinnamon and (lukewarm) milk.
Cut the top of the bread right away. (or leave them on)
Move the bread slices on both sides by the egg mixture.
Place the bread slices together and drip the mixture on them again.
Brown butter in a skillet.
Fry the bread slices quickly until light brown on both sides.
Sprinkle the sugar on the toast.

Try raisin bread tommorow…

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