Adding a jar to Eclipse for Android

Icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x.

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Importing a jar in Eclipse for my Android project gave me a little headache so I’ll copy/paste the instructions here below so others may not have to suffer the same. Credits go to stackoverflow.

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Recorded Noa as TomTom Voice

TomTom Voices

I recently stumbled across this very interesting page. It explains in detail how to create your own TomTom voice, and so I set out for an evening with my daughter and Audacity to record our very own TomTom voice.

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SeaMap US Released for iPad and IPhone

What is Sea Map?

Great detail

Sea Map is a map viewer that supports NOAA ( maps for planning and light navigation purposes.
The maps can be downloaded from the NOAA servers bringing you the freshest maps of the US waters to your device. Since you can select which maps to download you will never waste space on your device on maps you are not using.

What can and can’t you do with Sea Map?

Every mariner knows you should use certified charts for navigation, hence you should not rely on Sea Map to be your primairy and only source of chart material.
That beeing said, Sea Map is a great utility and with 5 different zoom levels you can get crispy clear details of every map that is out there, and by storing the maps on your device you can use SeaMaps when you do not have a data connection.

What Maps are used in Sea Map US?

Easy searching

Unlike it’s European counterpart SeaMap US uses the official NOAA raster charts. This means you have access to over 1700 charts covering the US, Alaska, Hawaii etc. It totals over 20Gb of chart data stored in over half a million files. You can select the maps you want and simply download them on your device.

How can I get a better/newer map?

We’ll do the hard work for you, and update our servers with the latest maps. All you need to do is download it.

Check it out in the AppStore

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Wireless LIVE featuring Floris

Monster Dogma...

We had a couple of great gigs lately. The musical “Eva” was a great success and it was fun to do to. The mix of ballads, classics and hard rock was amazing, the full choir added so much to the experience and of course having an audience of that size is a rare thing. Read more ›

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When all phones become smartphones

Android robot logo.

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Smartphones are an amazing phenomena which seem to grow at mind boggling rate. Have a look at the latest graphs from asymco to see what I mean.

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Add Trendline to stacked column graph


Image by digital_monkey via Flickr

Adding a trendline to a stacked column graph is not that easy. But there is a way to do it.
If you do not already have one, make a column that sums your stacked data. You can add this series to your existing stacked column graph on a secondary axis, make your trendline, and then format the summary data invisible (no border, no area).
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Found a great new site: Wordle. I’ll be making quite of few of them! Check out what you can make when you google your name, or the tag words of this blog: Read more ›

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