Submitting Apps to Apple with a space in the name


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Now Apple introduced a neat feature to archive your Apps before submitting. Neatly because it stores the symbol table, so it an App crashes you can download the logs from the Apple website and get a pointer right to the method and line where the crash occurred. 

However if your application name contains a white space (like “Anchor Watch”) this won’t work because of the upload restrictions. The reported error message reads:

“.ipa filename cannot contain whitespace”

Fortunately the solution is simple:

1) In Xcode Organizer right click on the build date of the app and select “Reveal Archived App in Finder”

2) Open ArchiveInfo.plist in a text editor (i used Coda)

3) For me at line 10 it was calling the .app file with a space:


Change that to and save the file.

4) In Finder remove the space in the file names on both the .app and the .app.dSYM files

5) Once you get back to Xcode Organizer, you should be able to go through fine.

(also you might want to remove the previously generated .ipa file with the space. just delete the file, a new one will be created after the above steps automatically)


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