Three simple tips to improve MacBook battery life

An AA battery, an AAA and an AAAA Battery

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Here are three simple tips to improve battery life on your MacBook or MacBook Air.

Let’s assume you are on a plane watching some movie. You probably already have a smug face since you can watch a movie for a couple of hours whereas the average Notebook shutdown somewhere half way. But what if you could watch two?


Take a look at MplayerX. Mplayer always was a handy toolbox from the penguin domain that played just about anything, but they do it really efficient too. Running Mplayer takes out a lot less CPU cycles than Quicktime, and therefor adds considerable to your battery life.
Second let’s look at youtube. Since HTML5 you can see the movies in both flash and H.264 embedded video (for how long…) using a safari plugin you can enjoy the full youtube experience in an efficient and fluent way.


Last, flash is depreciated technology. Mostly because it is so processor hungry. Why not block it at all using ad block.


This will seriously reduce the work for your processor, thus save battery life.
Why is this important? Well I can’t complain, but I do like to get the average 6 hour of work out of my MacBook air. (Yes, six)

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