Annual Report 2010

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The first few months

Now that the old year is behind us,  let’s take a look at how we did in 2010.

How popular were we

The first main launch was the SeaHawk application that has grown from an IVEF compliant traffic viewer to an application that supports multiple protocols from numerous sources. SeaHawk comes in a Pro edition to the iPhone and in a separate iPad application as well. Both Apps are doing well, the iPhone version’s sales figures are lagging behind the iPad one because the first 10 Months of 2010 it was provided as a free app.

The second App to hit the market was Anchor Watch, again both for iPhone and iPad. It has been a huge success, and people are requesting new features on a regular basis.

In total we had 22 releases, roughly 50-50 divided between patches and functional upgrades. Users are upgrading quite loyal.

New vs upgrading users per release

2011 will bring a number of exciting new apps as well as some great new features for the existing ones.

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