App Review: Sleep Cycle

I recently bought this great new app for the iPhone called Sleep Cycle. This application uses the highly sensitive motion detection capabilities of the iPhone to detect wether you are moving or not.

When in deep sleep your muscles will relax completely and thus there will be very little movement to register. Dream state has some movement, but the most movement (such as turning) will be when one is awake.

Being a fresh dad, means sleeping is a luxury, and it is quite interesting to see how regular the young lads behavior is. Yes, a young father will get some sleep, but not nearly enough to stay awake during long meetings 🙂

Amazing isn’t it? but the best feature is the alarm clock. You can set Sleep Cycle to wake you approximately at a certain time. Yes, you read that correct. It will observe your sleeping pattern about half an hour around the wake up time and sound the alarm as soon as you leave a deep sleep phase.

The idea behind it is that you’ll be quite cranky when being pulled out of deep sleep or even dreaming, but when you are already almost awake, it will give you the last push. It’s great. I feel refreshed and ready when the ocean sounds wake me. Usually 10 minutes earlier that expected.

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