Started porting MacTrek to Snow Leopard

As you may have expected by the list of posts today, i’ve started porting MacTrek to Snow Leopard. With the release of MacTrek 1.5 (November 2009) almost 10,000 people downloaded the game. This release was intended to maintain backwards compatibility with OS X 10.4 and PPC hardware.

The new release will be faster, smaller and better it will maximize the use of new API under Snow Leopard and ultimately be forked for an iPhone app. (At least that’s the idea). It took some time to work around all deprecated API, and quite a few of them were undocumented (see some posts i did on Snow Leopard).

But it is running now and just tested the trunk version in squeamish around Orion. The fact that the empire fell was entirely the fault of its mediocre pilot, MacTrek performed admirably.

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5 comments on “Started porting MacTrek to Snow Leopard
  1. RogerWilco says:

    I tried MacTrek today, just after stumbling upon it by chance while looking for another old game. It crashes on my Snow Leopard Macbook within a minute after connecting to a server. That’s version 1.5.0 from the nettrek website.

    Never played it before, I’ll see if you get a Snow Leopard version working some day.

  2. lukassen says:

    Hi Roger,

    could you post the crash log? you can find it by opening /Applications/Utilities/Console by default there is a lot of log data which could help us making a better version for snow leopard

  3. Joe L. says:

    Hi Chris — are you still doing any work on MacTrek? I’m using it on Mountain Lion 10.8.2. It works mostly (it will occasionally hang, mostly on the server select screen, though instant action seems to work okay), except I’ll be in a match, and after I get killed a few times, instead of respawning, the game view screen will stay black, and I will have to cmd-quit the client and restart.

    • lukassen says:

      No not really, someone started on OSXTrek which was a branch of MacTrek, they may be further. There is a slightly improved version in the trunk at source forge which uses multiple threads to draw, but that was not very successful on Snow Leopard so i discontinued that.

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