Getting an unique build tag for each Xcode build

Long had i pondered on getting a unique stamp in every build xcode makes, so i could more easily distinguish between builds when failures occur. Today i made a nice discovery.

In your project right click on the name of your project under “Targets” and select: Add New Build Phase->Run Script Build Phase

Now create a script that will generate a header file with the build tag information inside.

Here’s the code for copy paste:

# create a build tag
NEW_DATE=`date -u +%Y%m%d%H%M`; 
NEW_TAG=`echo "ibase=10;obase=16;$NEW_DATE" | bc`
echo Build: $NEW_TAG Date: $NEW_DATE

echo "#define APPBUILD_DATE_STRING $NEW_DATE" > Classes/AppBuild.h
echo "#define APPBUILD_TAG $NEW_TAG" >> Classes/AppBuild.h

Running it should give you something like this:

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One comment on “Getting an unique build tag for each Xcode build
  1. vaderr12 says:

    Thank you LOOKASSEN. That was exactly what I needed.

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