Ewe for yevu

I found a copy of my old Ghanian languages page on the internet, it’s straight from the horses mouth wen me and my wife spent a couple of months traveling the beautiful Ghana.


welcome woe zo
response yoo
good morning ng di
good afternoon ng do
good evening fie
good morning to you ng di na wo
how was work or money? dome towo
wife sronye
husband atsu nye
I love my wife melo sronye
I love my husband melo atsu nye
how are you ? efoa
how are you ? (to an older person) me de kuku efoa
I am fine mefo
come va
come here va afi
come here quickly va afi kabu
eat du
come and let us eat something va mi du nu
the sun is hot ng do la xo dzo
I will drink ma no
I will drink water ma no etsi
I will drink liquer ma no aha
how did you sleep ale ke ne mlo anyi
I slept well medo alo nyuie
white man yevu
how much does this cost (in bargaining)? ho nenie
it costs esia xo
to love is to serve lolo enye subosubo
house afeme
I am going to the house me yi afeme
I am going to the house to come me yi afeme ma va
I am hungry do le wum
water etsi
food nu dudud
please me de kuku
what is your name? ng kowo de
my name is ….. ng konjee nje
friend xonje
father tonje
mother nonje
uncle wofa
a little bit vide
it tastes good evivi
goodnight mlo anyi nyuie
thanks akpe
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