Dagbani for Saleminga

I found a copy of my old Ghanian languages page on the internet, it’s straight from the horses mouth wen me and my wife spent a couple of months traveling the beautiful Ghana.



welcome (a) maraaba
good morning dasseba
good afternoon antire
good evening aninuula
how do you like our weather? tuumassuum?
how is/was bieljola
how was work or money? naatuma (bieljola)?
wife ng paya
how is your wife ? ng paya bieljola?
husband ng yidana
how is your husband ? ng yidana bieljola
confirm these questions with a simple naaaaaa
how are you? kawula?
the answer to this is (= I’m fine) (sha) alafeea
how was your sleep? abjirra?
I slept well (a) gom bi-eni
where are you going to? (a) tjenna?
white man saleminga
how much does this cost (in bargaining)? ala?
I like you ng * borra
To love is to serve ng borra am ma maga
I am thirsty kunjuru bama
the sun is hot wintam tula
I want / I need / I am looking for ng * borla
water kom
food bin zirri gu
please dimsuru
(Please) what is your name? (dimsuru) ajuli?
my name is… unjuli…
my wife’s name is … ng paya juli
friend zorri
father umba
mother mma
brother or sister (older than yourself) umbjeli
brother or sister (younger than yourself) untessu
a little bit (small small) bjella bjella
cheers ti-tom daba
I like it (the food) diejassa
I like it a lot diejassa pum
goodnight naawumi tibeyu
be quiet fomvire
sit down zenme
listen wuuma
* ng is pronounced as a nasal ng sound (like long but then through
the nose).
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