Building netrek vanilla 2.16 for MacTrek

Ever since OS X 10.5 came out, the embedded netrek server in MacTrek simply quit. I never got a good fix for that, which is why MacTrek 1.5 no longer supports a local server. At least that way a player can not connect to a “dead” server and crash. MacTrek 1.4 runs fine on OS X 10.4 with an embedded server.

Last year vanilla 2.16 got out and it had fixes for leopard, so today i got around to building it, and ran into lots of small problems. One of them being unable to build the tools. Anyway, i’ve added libgdbm 1.8.3 in a sub dir and created a script that works around the related problems, you may find it usefull.

echo build dependend libs
cd libgdbm
./configure --disable-shared
make -j 12
cd ..
ln -s libgdbm/.libs/libgdbm.a

echo build vanilla
./configure --prefix=/Users/Shared/MacTrek/Server

echo patch config.h
cat include/config.h |sed 's/setpgrp (0, 0)/setpgrp ()/' > include/config.h-osx
mv include/config.h-osx include/config.h

echo dont build the tools
cat Makefile |sed 's/do_utilities do_rsa_utilities//' > Makefile.osx
mv Makefile.osx Makefile

#tools will fail, but is not a problem
make installbin 
#tools will fail, but is not a problem
make install

cd docs
make install
cd ..

And it works, i took the trunk of MacTrek and connected to it.

oehoeboeroe:netrek-server-vanilla aqua$ tail -f /Users/Shared/MacTrek/Server/var/log
"tools/players" not accessible or not executable.
"tools/players" not accessible or not executable.
netrekd: port 2592, ntserv, listening fd 4, to do "ntserv"    
netrekd: port 2593, ntserv, listening fd 5, to do "ntservobs" -q 6  
netrekd: port 2596, special, listening fd 6, to do "statistics"    
netrekd: port 4566, ntserv, listening fd 7, to do "home" -q 2  
netrekd: port 4577, ntserv, listening fd 8, to do "away" -q 3  
netrekd: port 4000, ntserv, listening fd 9, to do "homeobs" -q 4  
netrekd: port 5000, ntserv, listening fd 10, to do "awayobs" -q 5                        Mon Jan 18 20:32:33 2010                        Mon Jan 18 20:32:35 2010

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