Twi for Oberoni

I found a copy of my old Ghanian languages page on the internet, it’s straight from the horses mouth wen me and my wife spent a couple of months traveling the beautiful Ghana.

Twi twi
Welcome akwaaba
Greet someone of same age yaa-agya
Adress an older man yaa-letja
Adress an older woman yaa-ana
Traveller okwatuni
White traveller okwatuni oburoni
Good morning maakye
Good afternoon maaha
Good evening maadwo
How was work? ayekoo yaaye
Wife oyere
Husband okunu
I love my husband me do me kunu
I love my wife me do me yere
All is well eye eye
I am well me wo eye
I slept well me daa yiye
How are you wo ho te sen
White man oburoni
How much? (negotiating) ahye ?
To love is to serve odo ye osom
The sun is hot awia no ye she
I am looking for (i like) me pe
I am looking for a spoon me pe atre
I am hungry akom di me
Water nsu
Food aduane
Please me pa wo keyw
What is your name? wo din de sen
My name is Kofi me de kofi
Friend adamfo
Mother maame
Father papa
Uncle wofa
Small, small ketewaa
It tastes well eye de
Good night da yiye
Thank you me da wo ase
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