Crash page revived

From the archives back to 1996….

Since so many fresh Signaal-employees seemed desperate to wreck their cars, it seemed inevitable that a page was spent on it. The main object of this page is to get “slip” courses into MORES so that we may learn to deal with this in a proper way. Also some car-mechanical courses should be included in order to prolong the safety of the fresh members of the Signaal community.

We hope that the facts listed below show the direct need of such courses as well as the need for some charity donations which can of course always be posted through ME. Ahum. let’s get to the pictures.


What happend ?

Type of car

Vehicle status

It used to look like ..

Roland Got slightly overrun by a 40 ton truck. Ripped everything but the driver’s seat. Peugot 406 (leased) Even the cigarette lighter won’t work anymore
Patrick Major “Autobahn” damage and maintance running up to 4kf ! better join the Signaal Autoclub Citroen BX GTI 16v It moves but still hurts in the wallet
Jan Jan became true HOT news when the famous ‘Hengelo’s man of 100 Million’ burned down his car Opel Kadett No need for an airco in this baby
Arjan Arjan was the first to demonstrate how to blow a distribution belt sky-high, while driving on the highway Volvo 440 Turbo Lucky he didn’t have a 16 valve, saves you half the valves to be replaced.
Chris Chris took his car aquaplaning, it’s a bit like ice-skating you only fall _so_ much harder. Renault 19 GTR Ahum. what car ?
Gilian Gilian used to own a brand new polo. He took a course in 3-side biljard and thereby brought his no-claim to an absolute zero point. VW Polo it’s always was a compact car
Marion a mere day after she had changed employment at “the firm” for a local destruction company an until now unknown car banged her little startlet up………. Toyota Starlet best wreck in the world
Karin Dispite professional re-enginering of Karin’s toasted engine, it just gave up and sort of melted into an undefined lump of metal. VW Polo R.I.P.
Hindrik Yes, Hindrik also managed it, dispite his reputation as a “non-rubber-burner”. Hindriks love for high-speed curves undoubtly contributed to the worn out drive axe. Peugot 309 i told you not to use copper as a replacement
Arjan Arjan changed his car to a V40 simply by pressing the brakes the Daihatsu responsible for the creation of this V serves a second live as a sardine canister Volvo 440 Turbo was that a mosqito against my rear window ?
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